About This Claims Package

This claims package is intended to:

  • Demystify some of the primary claims process 

  • Put you in control of your claim 

  • Guide you through some of the initial process and connect you with an Advocate 

  • Assist our Advocates to process your requests in a timely and efficient manner

About the Returned and Services League of WA (RSLWA) 

The RSLWA is:

An organisation that provides Claims Advocacy

  • Therefore its claims advocates assist veterans with claims to DVA and act as a conduit for the veteran with DVA

A registered charitable organisation

  • Therefore it does not charge for its services

  • Therefore any donation over $2 is tax deductable

The RSLWA is not:

DVA or a branch of DVA

  • Therefore RSLWA Advocates are not Delegates of DVA assigned to determine your eligibility

  • Therefore RSLWA does not accept or reject a veteran’s claim

Medical practitioners

  • Therefore RSLWA cannot sign off on any medical condition

Financial advisors

  • Therefore RSLWA cannot provide advice on whether a lump sum or pension is better in your circumstance

Legal personnel

  • Therefore RSLWA cannot represent you in court

Elected members of parliament

  • Therefore RSLWA cannot change laws/acts that are perceived to be inequitable or unjust

Preliminary Information

Please include postcode
Please include postcode

Next of Kin Information

ADF Service History

Please estimate if actual dates are unknown
Please note that Op Resolute is not deemed warlike or non-warlike service
Please include dates if available, but if you are unsure of exact dates please note that and instead include an estimate.
Please include dates if available, but if you are unsure of exact dates please note that and instead include an estimate.

DVA Claims History

Please include: conditions claimed, date of claim lodgement, prior advocate information if you had representation, and any other information you have available.

Please click on the link below to download and complete the Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI)


Please note, this does not include psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, or chiropractors

Medical Information

Medical History

Employment History

Other Payments


Payment Details

Provide details of the Australian account you want your pension to be paid into

General Consent

This section gives RSLWA the authority to act on your behalf with the agencies or individuals such as carers/partners that you nominate here. Please use the checkbox to indicate which agencies you authorise RSLWA to contact:

Proving your identity to DVA

Automatic proof of identity for members who joined the ADF from 1 January 2016 and/or separated from 27 July 2016.

If you are a current or former serving member who has joined the permanent forces or commenced a period of Continuous Full-Time Service from 1 January 2016 and/or separated from 27 July 2016, your proof of identity is automatically established. DVA will rely on the identification and security clearance procedures used by the ADF to satisfy DVA identity requirements. Under this arrangement, you will not need to provide any documentation, such as ADF Identification card or documents from Category A, B or C. There may be limited circumstances where a full POI check will be required.

Streamlined process for current serving members and reservists who hold a valid purple Australian Defence Force (ADF) identification (ID) card.

If you are a current serving member or a reservist who holds a current, valid purple ADF ID card, you can access a streamlined proof of identity process. This streamlined process allows you to prove your identity to DVA where you lodge a claim in person with the Department by simply presenting your ADF ID card to a DVA staff member for authentication. They will then take a certified copy of your card to include with your claim.

When you lodge a claim with DVA, you must show documents from the Category A and B lists below which prove your identity. You must show original documents or true and certified copies of these documents. (See ‘Who can certify copies of documents’ on page 4.) If you mail your claim and originals of your proof of identity documents, your documents will be returned by registered post. From the lists of Category A and B documents on this page, you must provide 3 different documents with 1 document from Category A and two documents from Category B. If none of the documents you produce to satisfy Category A or B provide evidence of your current residential address, then you must also produce a document from Category C:

A B B     or     A B B C

If any of the documents are in a previous name, you must provide an additional document which shows how your name was changed (e.g. a marriage certificate).

Category A documents

Documents from Category A provide proof of birth or arrival in Australia

  • Australian passport (current) - not to be used concurrently as a Category B document 

  • Full Australian birth certificate 

  • Record of Immigration Status 

  • Foreign passport and current Australian Visa 

  • Travel document and current Australian Visa 

  • Certificate of Evidence of residential status 

  • Citizenship Certificate

Category B documents

Documents from Category B provide evidence of your identity existing in the community

  • Australian driver’s licence (current and original) 

  • Australian passport (current) - not to be used concurrently as a Category A document 

  • Australian passport (current) 

  • Australian Defence Force (ADF) identification card (current) 

  • Firearms licence (current and original) 

  • Current overseas passport with valid entry stamp or visa 

  • Medicare card Change of name certificate (for marriage or legal name change - showing link with previous name(s)) 

  • Credit or bank account card 

  • DVA card 

  • Security Guard/Crowd Control licence 

  • Australian marriage certificate issued by a government department 

  • Tertiary identification card

Category C documents

Documents from Category C provide evidence of residential address or residence in a Nursing Home or Residential Care Facilit

  • Utilities notice 

  • Rent details 

  • Document from Nursing Home or Residential Care Facility that provides evidence of residence

If you don’t have the right documents: Other documents may be acceptable. Contact your nearest DVA or VAN office.


Supporting Evidence

Please upload any supporting evidence that you may have, this may include

  • Witness Statements

  • Medical Imaging

  • Medical Reports

  • Statutory Declaration


Please monitor your emails, as we will send you a link to our google drive so you can upload your ADF records

Employment Services

Rewarding work for every Veteran and their immediate family.

Looking for work? Changing careers? Or maybe you want help to find your passion and purpose?

We help Veterans, their partners, and immediate family members find a rewarding job. It doesn’t matter how long ago you served, what stage you are at in your work journey, or how old you are.

Take advantage of our free career support services, specialist coaches and gain access to our extensive employer network.

The RSL Veterans’ Employment Program has received grant funding from the Australian Government and is free to access. You do not need to be a member of the RSL for us to help you.

Welfare Services

The RSLWA was founded to help those who defended our nation and to provide assistance to those who took the oath, as well as their families. Our motto is “serving those who served”.

The Welfare Team at ANZAC House understand that your situation is urgent and are available to respond promptly. We can assist you with emergency financial relief for essentials such as food, rent, utility bills, security bonds, funeral costs, education, clothing, urgent car repairs, transport and referrals to other appropriate services.

The team are respectful, highly skilled and dedicated to assisting those in need. It is advised to book a face-to-face appointment to discuss your unique situation. All applicants are required to provide proof of service, bank statements for last six weeks and copies of accounts for goods or services requiring payment. All payments are made directly to the service providers.

RSLWA Financial Counselling

Financial Counsellors work with people who are in debt or are not able to meet their ongoing expenses and may be able to assist with:

  • working out payments with creditors and other assistance which may be available,

  • what you can do if you can’t pay bills, fines or debts

  • information, options and support for individuals, families and consumer groups to explore, develop and implement strategies to overcome their financial situation

  • assessing the financial situation to identify immediate remedies and longer term solutions to improve financial wellbeing

  • Support and enable sound financial decision making

The WA Aged Sailor's, Soldier's and Airmen's Relief Trust Fund (WAASSARTF)

Each year 50% of the money collected on Poppy Day is allocated to WAASSARTF.  This fund provides assistance to our Veterans, widows, dependents or ex- ADF members in times of hardship.

Applications can be made for the following:

  • Rent arrears and security bonds

  • Outstanding utility accounts

  • Replacement of white goods

  • Removal costs

  • School fees

  • Mobility Products

  • Motor vehicle repairs

  • Funeral assistance

Evidence of financial hardship needs to be established before assistance can be provided.

  • Monthly Grants can be paid to veterans experiencing ongoing hardship. 

  • Veterans applying for a monthly grant will be interviewed at home by one of the Trustees, this ensures a true account of the veteran’s circumstances and needs are established.  

  • Assistance is restricted to Western Australian residents.

RSLWA agrees to:

  • Act conscientiously and in good faith, and follow all reasonable instructions to best provide Services for the clients and not allow its own interests to conflict with its duties to the Client;

  • Refer to itself as "advocates or representatives" of the Client in all dealings for the provision of services;

  • Except as may be authorised by the Client, RSLWA shall not in any way incur any liabilities on behalf of the Client or pledge the credit of the Client.

The Client must:

  • Act dutifully and in good faith in its relations with RSLWA;

  • Disclose of all relevant medical information pertaining to the Client’s “Claim”;

  • Where appropriate, inform RSLWA within a reasonable time of any problems about being able to meets its obligations under any contract concluded by RSLWA.

By signing this agreement I hereby declare that

Case Allocation

RSLWA is currently experiencing a high volume of inquiries, therefore, there may be extensive wait times before your case is assigned to an advocate. If your case is simple, it can be referred to a DVA Veterans’ Services Officer Team Leader (VSO) who can assist you with submitting your claims in a timelier manner.

Example: male/female advocate or specific advocate
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Thank You


Completing the RSLWA Advocacy Claims Package

Once you have submitted this form, you will automatically directed to the RSLWA website. 

Please accept this as confirmation that we have received your responses

Client Complexity Factor and Case Allocation

This is a Complex Case

This is a Simple Case

This case includes an APPEAL

This case requires a Senior Advocate

Internal Referrals

This case does not require any internal referrals

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